COVID-19 Update


Thankfully the COVID situation is improving, but we are taking necessary measures to keep you safe, including procedures that exceed requirements issued by The American Dental Association.

Appointments and Procedures:

We are currently seeing fewer patients per day. This will ensure your safety, and prevent you from being in contact with other patients.

Lobby Guidelines:

Only one person at a time will be allowed in our lobby. Please let us know if you have a medical disability and we will make advance arrangements for you.

If someone brings you to your appointment, THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WAIT IN THE LOBBY. They will be asked wait in the car until your appointment is over. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Reception Window:

Linda will greet you at the reception window when you arrive. Our glass window will remain closed. She will get you signed in and come get you when it’s time for your appointment.

We will take your temperature before your appointment. Our staff will be wearing protective caps, jackets, gloves and masks.

Office Disinfecting Procedures:

Our entire office is disinfected several times a day.

Special UV lights have been installed to ensure your safety. Patient areas are wiped down between each procedure.

We’ve even installed special HEPA filters to aid in the quality of the air circulated.

Due to our ability to see fewer patients per day, we recommend you call our office ASAP to avoid being inconvenienced.

Keep in mind Dr. Whitsitt’s calendar fills quickly. Call us now at (386) 239-7600 to get your appointment scheduled.

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